Hi! I'm Hari Raghavan.

👋 About me

I love moving atoms and pennies with bits. I'm a loyalist to some people, some causes, and all dogs.

I love unblocking bottlenecks, anything that makes the world more efficient or less annoying. I love talking about / working on / investing in anything that can be described as an “API for X”.

My favorite things at work to talk about

Optimizing strategy at the intersection of Product x GTM, especially for complex businesses (data companies, marketplaces, fintech, or new categories)

Compensation approach (especially for tricky roles like founding team / execs)

Fundraising strategy — as both a founder at AbstractOps and active investor (out of Operator Fund), we see a lot of data on both sides of the table

My favorite things in life to talk about / do

How government / politics in the US is broken, and how one might fix it

Great wine or cocktail bars

Fantasy novels (huge Brandon Sanderson dork)

Good TV (I think I’ve seen ~150 shows)

My digital exhaust

AngelList: hari-raghavan

LinkedIn: hraghavan

On Deck: hariraghavan

My doggo's Instagram: @puptimusprime